A Letter from the Editor

2012/06/23 § Leave a comment

Happy Anniversary.

Born in June 2011, this is the fifth issue of Unshod Quills.

We are privileged to infect you with even more contagious art and literature. Don’t wash up after looking at this issue; touch everything you can and spread it like the filthy little contagion it is. Please see the front page for a list of contributors to this issue.

A year? A year.

Over the past year, we have published hundreds of poems, stories, essays and images. We took part in producing the Shanghai Tunnels Project and next year will branch out to words on paper. Print. Yes.

We are holding a modest fundraising effort toward the beginning of this end. Please follow this link for more information or to give. Donate. 

You’ll help us continue to do what we do, featuring such contributors as Maria Garcia Teutsch, Helen Vitoria, Donald Dunbar, Shanna Germain, Gregory Sherl, Tim Tomlinson, Ginger wRong Chen, Renee Reynolds, Meg Tuite, Kevin Sampsell, Sean H. Doyle, Jamie Iredell, Zachary Schomburg, Riley Michael Parker, Gregory Crosby, Naoko Fujimoto, Chloe Caldwell, Emily Kendall Frey, Dayvid Jann Figler, Mary Ann Sullivan, Frank Reardon, James H. Duncan, Eva Steil, John “Sugahtank” Roubanis, Bjorn Wahlstrom, A. Molotkov, Jamie Gusman, Raudiel Sanudo, Jeff Pike, Tammy Stoner,  Catherine Platt, Jason Mashak, Cooper Lee Bombadier and too many additional fine artists and authors to name. We pride ourselves in publishing both emerging and established artists and writers.

We are happy you are here with us.

Here’s to another year.

Yours in gratitude,

Dena, Wendy, Donald, Holly and Brian

Unshod Quills
Portland, Oregon
Intercourse, Pennsylvania
Las Vegas, Nevada

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