William S. Tribell

2012/06/19 § 2 Comments

On the themes conspiracy, leftovers, slut, and the last word

Last Sunset
About Mine
Juke Bird

Irish whiskey and fanny sweat
Stale wine like turpentine

Sky white blight
In the late blue night

Red hide so slightly hidden Forbidden
Vaseline and penicillin
Tip the waitress

Save the Donkeys

To learn
The good lie
The face
And then a smile
May be genuine
Or not

That Day Over the Belva-Straight Creek Mine

Author Biography

William S. Tribell is an American poet  living in Budapest, Hungary.


§ 2 Responses to William S. Tribell

  • Vickie Benge Haines says:

    I Absolutely Love Your work!!!! I really DO!!! I would follow you to the ends of earth,,just to get a veiw of what you think inside that Talneted mind of your’s….Claping Claping Loud for you !!!

  • J L Carey Jr says:

    These are very well done. I can watch Last Sunset over and over again.

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