China vs. America: Pandemic Diplomacy – Poetry, Art and Fiction

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Superman Down - Photography - Jillian Brall of Unshod Quills

In June 2011, UQ’s sister site, HALiterature, an English language independent press and journal based in Shanghai, China, conducted an exchange program of sorts with members of the Unshod Quills Writer’s Collective.

Challenge: Panda. Write on the theme of pandas? The Shodomites went nuts, and the HALites went even nuttier, and the results were mad, bad and dangerous to know, like if Byron had been a panda, especially in some of the HAL stories.

Unshod Quills asked WM Butler, director of HAL’s own writer’s group, Groupthink, to ask his people to participate in yet another sister-lit spit swap; this time on the theme of America. Lovely, if only slightly troubled, America.

In response, a few members of Unshod Quills Writers Collective threw some letters, and a little art, on the topic, as well.

Simply follow the links next to each author or artist’s name to see his or her contribution.

Now, where the in the holy hell is Woody Guthrie when we need him?

MADE IN CHINA – Haliterature’s Groupthinkers on America

“America is a feudalistic dynasty…” Populated by bunnies!

Lucinda Holmes of Groupthink – “Bunny America: An Alternative Wiki Entry”

“She was so Chinese, that she was Mexican.”
Renee Reynolds of Groupthink – “Satellite American”
“A magnificent eagle with a broken wing.”

Mark Talacko of Groupthink – “Wings” 
 “You know, you are not like the Americans I have ever known.”

Ginger wRong Chen of Groupthink – “An American in Shanghai” 
 “A donut… an incomplete cake with a hole in the middle.”

Katrina Hamlin of Groupthink – “The Beautiful Country” 

 “Starving fellows on the street…”

Jason Lasky of Groupthink – “America”

LITTLE PINK HOUSES – Unshod Quills Writers Collective on America

Images from Eva Steil, of Unshod Quills

“My tongue worries.”

Wendy Ellis of Unshod Quills – “America”

Images of American Mythology, as originally printed in Hoardmag.

Viv G of Unshod Quills – “American Mythology”

“Yo yo yo turn it up. This is the best part.” 

Jillian Brall of Unshod Quills – Out of This World

“Bite down hard.”

Jason Mashak of Unshod Quills – “American History – Excerpt”

“I came home from the war..”

Mark Brunke of Unshod Quills –  Transubstantiation in America

“Stoic, I populate.”

Dena Rash Guzman of Unshod Quills – Salt Box


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