Bjorn Wahlstrom

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Bjorn Wahlstrom shares the digitally captured poetry of his home, Shanghai, and of other locations around the PRC.
on Somewhere Never Traveled, Gladly Beyond

Bjorn Wahlstrom, "You Are Here" (Pudong International Airport, Shanghai)

"I Am Here," Jinxian Lu, Shanghai

"We Built You a New House, Mom." Burnt down house, Jiaozhou Lu, Shanghai

"Quagmire Factory Bathroom," in Suzhou

"Escape Hatch," at home in Shanghai

"Living Out of My Suitcase," at home, Shanghai

"Neighbor's Pet Roosters," Yongjia Lu, Shanghai

"Rapture," Jiulong Lake

"The Jesus Church," abandoned village near Ningbo.

"Truck Driver's Bed," Shilong, Dongguan

"Instruction - Three Only," Kangding Lu bar, Shanghai

"Instruction - Three Only," Kangding Lu bar, Shanghai

"Shakespeare Before the Typhoon: Last Message to the World," Huaihai Lu, Shanghai

"Chai, Slotted for Demolition," Changle Lu, Shanghai

"Uighyr Noodle Man," Pujiang Town, Shanghai

"Cell Phone Numbers for Sale, Shaanxi Nan Lu, Shanghai

Artist Biography

Born in Sweden, Bjorn Wahlstrom is a writer and publisher living in Shanghai where he works, writes and prays.

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