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On the theme of Gauntlet


Mr. Yearly, it must be admitted, enjoyed success in every aspect. His loving marriage had resulted in healthy, intelligent children. Wealthy from his innovations in photographic software, he gave to African charities and was devout in his Christian faith. He owned a rambling, modern house on a vast property given to beautiful pine forest that—so we have heard—he ventured into to die, by what method we have not been informed. We know it took eight days to find his body.

His wife, when one of us mentioned how happy and, more to the point, how satisfied he seemed in life, said that “still waters run deep.” Rather an odious cliché given the circumstances, there being deep rock pools in the woods. Although sensitive to his quiet anguish, she continued to envy, or almost resent, as did we all, how easily things came to him, extinction now included.

“How could Mr. Yearly—with all he had—have done it to his family?” we asked, thereby evading the question of how he could have done it to himself. But once our astonishment had eased, there came the sense that this type of gesture is entirely familiar.

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Miles Klee has written for Vanity Fair, Lapham’s Quarterly and many others. He is the author of the novel Ivyland (OR Books 2012) and lives in Manhattan with the screenwriter C.F. Lederer, his wife.

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