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On the theme of Godzilla

Issei Sagawa

You said it tastes like tuna fish
to the newspapers.

I tend to wear my jeans too long
between washes.
I don’t tell people this.

I tell people
fishermen call tuna
the $50,000 fish.

Washing machines aren’t free.
75 cents per cycle got
my pockets feeling light.

You ever wonder how others do laundry?
My neighbor strings his sheets like filets to drip dry.
His cat pissed in his shoes

so he traded her for a Harley.
Our cat pisses blood sometimes
but we still love him.

I can always expect him at my ankles
when I crack open a can of fish.
I eat tuna when I’m alone and don’t want to cook.

Tuna is easy to prepare
and never disappoints me.
I always know what to expect

inside every tin of the stuff,
not like washing clothes
where I never know if my shirts will shrink

or if proud reds will dull to orange.
Did you swear off seafood?
Does it surprise you that I haven’t?

I wonder what book you are reading right now.
Your tabby is lazily stroking your calves with the brush of her tail.
It’s noon and you still haven’t made breakfast.

Author Biography

Tayler Geiger is a writer and slam poet at Washington University in St. Louis.  As a freshman, he competed at the National Poetry Slam in Charlotte, performing as a showcase poet in the finals.  His work has also appeared in In Parenthesis. For more: taylergeiger.tumblr.com


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