Camille Thigpen

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On the theme of Milk.

on breaking away

“and calcium
is important too,” the doctor
reminded a mooncaptured,
starshattered child
(played at being
a woman; made

belief.) but curled
like a newborn shedding
its skin, soft-boned, in the
corner of any room surely, lit
by a solitary ray of sinking
sun shifting
through dust shining
no sparkling in your
wide mirror-
enervated eyes surely, a
future here – you always
to –

“could you just not
put milk in my tea?”
mother’s eyes orbit
deliberately away from
“i’d rather be able to
taste it
properly,” a comet
in me finds it
necessary to add;

sweetsourshriveldrown but
so what, so what if this is
harsh, so what if this is
cold – frost seeps like
snowflakes into sewer-flooded
lungs, swamp you, encase your
bones; and so what if this is
what i wanted – little girl
plans to grow
away from

in any room, any
space i ever
please – or no room
at all, out
on your own

as evening sky
swathes trunks and nettle
in reassuring regularity,

) you

carving sticks and
whittling bones

“see, without
calcium, your bones
will not be strong
enough; you are not yet

so one day, the moonshattered,
starscattered child
asked, “may
i have some
milk, please? i’d rather be
able to enjoy it
properly –”

sure-boned, venus-
fingered, learning to be
a woman: galaxy-vast and

into amatory skies.


so here is milk in a
glass, tangible yet
impalpable – clouds

i hiked through in the
italian alps, once upon a

land obscured
and thoughts
anchored firmly

somewhere, beyond
the mist;

milk in this glass,
but sound
to bear a mother’s
nurturing love
(albeit unintentional, automatic; our bodies are merely

and sound, enough

[we fly]

there is a
ripple, somewhere
in my air

Author Biography

Camille Thigpen has lived in France, Pennsylvania, and Sweden. She is currently undertaking two new activities: adult life at Bard College, and commissions.  More of her poems are included in Taft College Literary Magazine’s May 2012 issue. Contact:


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