Allison Duncan

2012/06/24 § Leave a comment

On the theme of conspiracies


The other fornicator with the Castilian lisp
poses for a photograph,
watches the silhouette of a seagull
balance a fruit basket upon its head.

Don’t struggle—you’ll sweat into the wound.
Manage slow plots of finely trimmed debris.
Strike a match. Make this a small place.
A drawer for forks and spoons and knives.

There is a warm baguette outside your front door.
There is a polished stone in my pocket.
A repeating pattern of obtuse angles
opens up like a hellmouth.

Marvel the gentle dentistry of the majestic,
because if you don’t, I will kill you.
I will wear your new shoes to the funeral.
I will see the moon in a piss puddle.

Author Biography

ALLISON DUNCAN is a mutant persona created by Robert Gray and Lindsay Ruoff. Based in Portland, Oregon, Allison is a writer and multimedia artist considering the collaborative creative process as a means of dissolving barriers of identification and expanding venues for communication. She is the author of TRANS-, a self-published chapbook and visual piece, which was exhibited in HELLO EARTH, a group art show at The Loom, in Brooklyn, NY.

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