Fork Burke

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On the theme of the last word

Was Spoken

Many many many many to be
Was spoken many many came
Word costume warnings falling
Your newspaper your return to sea
When we left we took our words – dig
Do your best words
In stone words
Copyright words
End of the line words

A good word functions
Will take you to the street but not the door
sit and stay for a drink – they run scared – leaving us experts
The helper is a coward
without place – we write about how missed they are
we write
To look for – at last words
when we come so close we write
to your bent whisper
Lost words looking for last words looking
And then what – now what

Looking for those lost word costumes – the way out map
around here somewhere
You get song quiet – something wide open expects you to catch it
these last words – never had use for alphabet memory
Agreement is not communication – repeat
your stinky vocals I got the hots – last words exile words

Extinct words – end of the world began many many many many bodies ago
with it went – our words went – out as silent – as powerful as any eternity

Author Biography

Fork Burke’s poems have appeared in Hoezo Lepels?, PRAXILLA, Lyre Lyre, and Maintenant.  Licking Glass published a book of poems, poetic essays and other images in 2010 .  Recordings include “Fork Remixed.”  She received her BA in Creative Writing in 2008 from The New School and currently lives and writes in Switzerland.


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