Katharine Hargreaves

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On the theme of leftovers 

This Is How We Illuminate

Our skin trembled
Plastic bag in a jacket
On the cold slide
The world yellow’d with goose shit Butterflies bursting

We imagined
A prettier picture
Than this
Let’s chase geese
Until their bodies explode Pepper our dreams
Let’s not tell our parents
I wait for the sun rise Walking to school
It happens over the ponds A thickening of wings Pulse of light
Her husband will not go As elegantly
Rising swiftly
Her brain releases its fruit Inside her a tiny pocket Opens
She climbs through and Goes swimming
For the last time
The juice she tastes is Pure they say
She takes mouthfuls of Light
The geese so tiny
Like they don’t exist That’s how it works
Air allows me
Follow their flight up up With thrusting legs Giving wind
The thrill of that gap
The body’s give
Back into release Shutting my mouth Around air
She no longer needs
A hunger
Left behind

Author Biography

Katharine Hargreaves  lives in Minneapolis. She is the Artistic Director of Whole Beast Rag and  blogger PUPPETMOUTHE. Her work can be found in Paper Darts Literary Magazine, Notes from the Underground, INK NODE, Decadent Selections: A Collection by the Bitter Enemies, and  Whole Beast Rag.


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