Andrew Hall

2011/06/01 § 1 Comment

The Poetry of Andrew Hall

Emily Dickinson’s Fanboy Flirtation

– on When We Two Parted

I will tell you how the sun rose
And continued for a spell
Unleashing into sirens–
Softly warning us

Of tornado bombs not distant–
From interspatial strife
The history is resealed
When we unclose our eyes


Johnny Guitar

– on Transportation

There they do a little dance
of evil and good while
the women duke it out for power
same old story we blow each other up
fighting for the crumbs not noticing
the empty space and barriers before us
we could destroy everything in a flourish
& think nothing of it… we could have sweet tea
on the porch while the children
bloody each other up on the field oh lovely
sunshine tell us what to do break out your song
you load yours I load mine
& we shall dance til’ we hit the floor.


Author Biography

Andy Hall is a graduate of UNLV, earned an MA at Northern Arizona University, an MFA at Antioch and is currently working on a PhD in English Studies  at Illinois State University.  He has competed on 3 National Poetry Slam teams, and has performed poetry, stand-up comedy, music and performance art primarily in Las Vegas since 1991. Andrew Hall is a member of the Unshod Quills Writers Collective.

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§ One Response to Andrew Hall

  • Madeline Beckwith says:

    Very nice work Mr. Hall. I especially like the tribute to Emily Dickinson. But the lines, “we could have sweet tea
    on the porch while the children bloody each other up on the field” blow me away.

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