A. Molotkov

2011/06/01 § 4 Comments

Three poems on the theme of mirrors, from
Portland’s A. Molotkov.


you know me
you know me well

the face in the mirror is mine
not yours

the face on the dollar bill is mine
not yours

not someone else’s

the face in the mirror is mine

you know me well




measured in centuries
my palm a mirror
my reflection
to tell the truth

the world shrinks
and things are no longer the same
I am not myself
where I’m going
I can’t take myself



The Cure

and then I step out of my mind
and sense the sadness
your lip twitching just so

that translucent crow on my back
begins to sing
to its own definition of music
and the weight of time on my eyes

I stretch my arms towards you
and in the distance between
I find a mirror
in which our reflections
can laugh at themselves


Author Biography

A. Molotkov is a writer, composer, filmmaker and visual artist, and co-founder of the Inflectionist poetry movement (Inflectionism.com).  Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, he moved to the U.S. in 1990 and switched to writing in English in 1993.  He is the author of several novels, short story and poetry collections and the winner of the 2010 New Millennium Writings and the 2008 E. M. Koeppel Awards for fiction.  His credits include a Pushcart nomination and several honorable mentions.  Molotkov’s work has appeared in over 40 publications, both in print and online.  He performs often at a variety of Portland venues.  Visit him at www.AMolotkov.com.

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